5 Trademarks with Monkeys on World Monkey Day

14 December is World Monkey Day. The aim of this unofficial international day is to encourage people to pause and think about these unique animals, and to raise awareness of how important they are to the world. That monkeys are popular needs no further proof than the number of trademark names that exist that include them. Here, we have selected five trademarks at random from our BOIP Trademarks Register for you.  

World Monkey Day

1. Gorillas  

Shopping at home in ten minutes  

Gorillas is one of the fastest growing online supermarkets at present. You order your shopping through an app and you have it at home in ten minutes. Gorillas started in Germany but is now active in an increasing number of towns in the Netherlands too.  

2. Kipling 

Bags with an iconic monkey 

You can recognise the Belgian bag make Kipling by its iconic monkey. Kipling itself describes its bags as being ‘everything except just bags’. They have colours and patterns that exude self-confidence, and they are made of lightweight materials.     

3. Chunky monkey  

Go ‘bananas’ for this classic ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s 

Banana ice cream with pieces of walnut and chocolate bananas. Who doesn’t want to run and grab this classic from Ben & Jerry’s? Childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started their business in 1978. It is now one of the most prominent makes of ice cream worldwide, and it is also doing good for people, monkeys and the environment. 

4. Black Bananas 

Street clothing inspired by monkeys 

With their contemporary clothes brand exclusively aimed at young people, the team behind this brand combine street culture with sport design and want to conquer the world with it. The Black Bananas Transformer Monkey logo stands for force, power and leadership. 

5. Monkey Town 

Market leader in indoor playgrounds in Europe 

Monkey Town is where children aged 1 to 12 years can go crazy and play without a care in the world. These indoor playgrounds are in existence since 2001, and with more than 50 branches, the firm is one of the biggest chains in Europe.  

Are you inspired? Would you also like to register your trademark?  Check first the BOIP Trademarks Register. That way you avoid coming up with a trademark that already exists. 

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