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If you want to share your idea with other parties, for example with potential investors or partners, it is wise to make the conditions under which you are sharing your idea absolutely clear up front. You can do just that by entering into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with them.

If you record your idea in a BOIP i-DEPOT, it is date-stamped. That is legal proof that your creation existed on a certain date. We have now supplemented this service with the option to create an NDA online linked to your specific i-DEPOT. This makes it clear that you are taking measures to maintain the confidentiality of the contents of your i-DEPOT.

i-DEPOT en NDAWhy an NDA?

By signing an NDA, both parties agree to the conditions under which you are willing to share your idea, for example what the other party can and cannot do with the confidential information and what the consequences are if the other party violates those conditions. By entering into an NDA, you make the conditions governing your dealings with others clear.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that you would win a dispute thanks to your NDA. The fact of the matter is that the outcome of such a dispute will depend on a number of factors, over which BOIP has no control, e.g. how original your idea is and whether it is available to the public. However, we can guarantee that an NDA and an i-DEPOT can strengthen your position in the event of a dispute. More information


Do you have any questions about entering into an NDA in combination with your i-DEPOT? Please contact our Information Centre.

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