The SME voucher offer has ended

The SME voucher enables entrepreneurs to recuperate part of their application fee for intellectual property rights. This popular offer is aimed at supporting businesses wishing to protect their IP. The offer is an initiative implemented by the EUIPO. The maximum budget available to the EUIPO for reimbursement of trademark and design registrations and the IP-Scan has now been exhausted. This part of the offer is therefore closed from 29 November.   

SME voucher promotion ended

No more funding is available at present

The SME voucher is an initiative organised by the European Commission, the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and the competent national authorities. Vouchers were available to be granted throughout 2022 on a 'first come, first served' basis. The subsidy budget for trademark and design applications and the IP-Scan has now been exhausted. The offer is therefore closed from 29 November.

Have you recently applied for an SME voucher? 

If you applied for your voucher before the closing date of the offer, you will shortly receive a confirmation message from the EUIPO regarding the granting of your voucher. You may then use the voucher to recuperate the application fee for your trademark or design registration or for an  IP-Scan with the Belgian Federal Economic Service (Belgium). You must do this within 4 months of receiving the decision granting the voucher from EUIPO. You will find further information regarding applying for your registration and redeeming your voucher on our promotional page

Recuperating your application fee for a patent application

There is still subsidy available for patent applications. This subsidy allows you to recuperate up to 50% of the costs of a national patent registration using the SME voucher. 

For more information about the SME voucher for patents, please contact: 
SPF Economy (Belgium) 
Netherlands Patent Office (Netherlands)
Office de la propriété intellectuelle (Luxembourg)

A new round means new opportunities 

There will be a new SME Fund offer from mid-January 2023.  The funding will then have been renewed, making it possible once again to recuperate part of your application fee. Once more information is known about the new offer we will share it via our website and Linkedin.

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