Transfer of a registration via My BOIP

Transfer of a registration via My BOIP

From 9 April 2020 it is possible to request the recording of a transfer via My BOIP.

In these times in which many people work from home, BOIP has made an effort to accelerate the availability of this service: an online application including payment and faster processing.

How does it work?

  • You log in and choose 'Transfer a trademark' or 'Transfer a design' under the 'My trademarks' or 'My designs' column.
  • Search for and select the registrations to be transferred. The holder of the selected trademarks/designs must be the same.
  • Select the holder to be replaced.
  • Search for the new holder(s) or fill in the data of the new holder(s).
  • Check and approve the data in the review. It is possible to add the evidence (deed of transfer) directly.
  • After payment you will receive a confirmation by email.

Any questions?

For questions about the procedure, please contact the Information Centre.

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