Want to check whether your trademark already exists?

It´s a lot easier now!

If you are planning to register your trademark, one of the things that you need to do is find out whether your trademark (or one that is very similar) has already been registered by someone else. You can do that by searching in the BOIP Trademarks Register. We recently updated the Register in a number of ways, making searching a lot easier. Below we explain how it works.

merk zoekenHow do I perform a search?

  • In the search field, enter your intended trademark and you will immediately see any relevant trademarks that have already been registered by someone else.
  • If you are planning on using a logo, if you capture the logo using the camera, you can easily search for trademarks that look like it.camera symbol
  • You can refine the search results using the “advanced search” function. You can search for word and/or picture components in combination with the specific goods and services for which you are using (or plan to use) your trademark. For example, you can search for trademarks that contain the word component "dear" and that are registered for products in class 25 (clothing).

How do I know if my trademark is already registered?

zoeken op logo's

You can do a search in the Trademarks Register yourself to check whether your trademark is already registered and, if so, for which products and/or services. This will give you a good overview of registered trademarks that are identical or similar to the one that you want to have registered. On this page, you will find tips on framing your search and interpreting the search results.

Would you like a comprehensive investigation into whether your trademark is available and specific advice on how best to apply to register it? If so, please contact an IP professional.

informatiecentrumAny other questions?

Please call or e-mail our Information Centre: we will be happy to help!

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