Why you should stop and think about intellectual property on 26 April

On April 26, it is Intellectual Property Day. On "World IP Day", rights to inventions, texts, brands and plant varieties are in the spotlight worldwide. Rightly so: these legal rights are crucial to innovation. This year's theme is "Reach for Gold: IP and Sports", because whether you are a sporty entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial sportsperson: you score with IP!

cyclisteIf you want to register your brand or logo, protect an invention, or prevent others from making off with your idea, you need to secure your intellectual property (IP) rights. These rights not only protect your intellectual property, but also open the door to finding new business partners and investors. By making smart use of your IP rights, you can stay a step ahead of the game.

Big business

The sports sector is a challenging playing field for innovation - both for athletes and entrepreneurs. Athletes strive to go faster, higher, stronger. Innovations in equipment and clothing can make the crucial difference. The sports industry is rapidly developing, very competitive and offers plenty of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. It also requires a good IP strategy. Do you choose to protect your innovation, or are partnerships, licences and royalties better for your business model? Have you thought through the countries in which you want to protect your brand? This tool will help you calculate the costs of different types of IP rights.

Take part in World IP Day

On www.boip.int/scorewithip, you will find lots more information about IP rights in the sports industry and at #ScorewithIP and #WorldIPDay you can follow World IP Day 2019 events live.

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