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Our employees are proud of their work and passionate about their area of expertise: Intellectual Property. Accordingly, we help entrepreneurs find out the possibilities to protect a trademark, design or idea. The fact that BOIP is an independent organization means we cannot give personal advice. But what we can, and are keen to do, is to make entrepreneurs aware of the ways of the world of intellectual property: knowledgeable and accessible, active and direct. We know exactly what we are talking about. Conversely, we are also interested to find out what matters to you. So that we can provide you with the best possible service.


The Directors' Committee is currently comprised of two members: the Director General and a Deputy Director. More about the Directors' Committee

Hugues Derème
Deputy Director General Operations and Legal & International Affairs
Yves Hoffmann
Deputy Director General Communication & Customer Services

Members of the Management Board

Besides the Director's Committee, the BOIP Management Team is comprised of the members shown below.

Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs department is comprised of the following employees:

Camille Janssen
Principal Legal Officer
Saskia Smits
International Cooperation Officer

Information & Promotion

The Information & Promotion department is responsible for the education on and promotion of intellectual property to entrepreneurs in the Benelux. In order to achieve this, they work closely with different partners and knowledge institutions. More about Partnerships

Bruno Vanderschoot
Information & Promotion Officer
Saskia Smits
International Cooperation Officer

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