50 years of BOIP!

Yes, you read that right: we have been on the scene for 50 years! The Benelux Trademarks Office, the predecessor to today’s BOIP, opened its doors back in 1971. And so it is that we can now look back on 50 years of history when it comes to protecting trademarks, designs and drawings in the Benelux.

A piece of history

On 1 July 1969, the Benelux Treaty on Trademarks entered into force. In 2006, the Benelux Convention on Intellectual Property (BCIP) took effect. Thanks to the latter, the previous separate rules governing trademarks, drawings and designs were replaced by a single treaty, and the Benelux Trademarks Office and the Benelux Designs Office were merged to become today’s Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. The BCIP continue to form the legal basis for trademark and design law in the Benelux and indeed the basis for our Office. Since it was founded in 1971, BOIP has had its seat in The Hague.

“Proud heritage, bright future”BOIP50 logo
The slogan of our anniversary year is 'Proud heritage, bright future'. We look back with pride on 50 years of history and on all that we have achieved over that time. Our anniversary is also a good opportunity to look to the promising future that lies ahead. New developments are taking place in rapid succession and yielding fresh opportunities for BOIP to grow, to devise new services for its customers and partners, and to tap into new markets. The challenges are inspiring and we are happy to take them on, bolstered as we are by 50 years of experience and expertise and an open, fresh perspective on the future.

We need you
Over the past 50 years, we have learned a great deal about our customers’ needs and have adapted our services accordingly. We are grateful to you for the collegial cooperation and valuable feedback that you, as an IP professional, have given us down the years. That has helped us improve our services and better assist our customers. You can certainly count on us to keep doing just that, but we cannot do it without you! Please continue to keep us on our toes and help us optimise our services. We really appreciate it when you do. Likewise, we look forward to continuing to share our expertise with you, so that together we can keep the IP system in the Benelux strong and vibrant.

What can you expect in 2021?
Naturally, we will not be letting our golden anniversary pass unnoticed. We want to mark the occasion and celebrate this milestone with IP professionals and entrepreneurs from across the Benelux. Given the current circumstances, for now however, we can only do that in the virtual world, but as soon it becomes possible again, we will arrange to raise a glass with you to toast 50 years of BOIP!

Ragnar Gustafsson            Hugues Derème
Director General                 Deputy Director General

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