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What does Formula 1 have to do with intellectual property?

formula 1 and IP

Are you a sporty entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial sportsperson?

You too can protect your intellectual property!

If you have the exclusive right to your creation, you can prevent others from freeloading on your success. 
What's more, you can sell or license out your intellectual property rights.

That's how you score with IP!


Patents, trademarks, designs ...?

There are different types of intellectual property (IP) rights. You have to register to secure certain rights, for instance patent, trademark, design and plant breeders' rights. Other rights are yours automatically, for instance copyright.

  • Patent 
    To protect a technical invention, you can apply for a patent.  More about patents
  • Trademark
    To protect a trade name, company name, product name or logo, you can apply for a trademark. More about trademarks
  • Design
    To protect the appearance of your product or creation, you can apply to register your design.  More about designs
  • Plant breeders' rights
    To protect a plant variety, you can apply for breeders' rights. More about breeder's rights

View a handy overview of all IP rights


Are you thinking about protecting your IP too?

If you have any questions about protecting your brand, for instance your trade name, company name, logo or product name (i.e. about registering a trademark), or about protecting the appearance of your product (i.e. registering a design), you can contact:


BOIP logo

www.boip.intYou can call us any workday
from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on 070 349 12 42 (in the Netherlands).

If you have questions about protecting a technical invention (i.e. about applying for a patent), you can contact:


Netherlands Patent Office

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Telephone: 088 042 66 60