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Most trademarks registered in business services (class 35)

December 2015

Classification is an important part of the trademark registration process, as it enables the applicant to specify the products and services to which the trademark will apply and also defines the scope of protection their trademark will enjoy. 

Trademarks are classified according to an international standard: the international Nice Classification. The classification comprises 45 classes, of which 34 apply to products (goods) and 11 to services. 

Classification and the harmonised database
If you are submitting a trademark application, you will use the harmonised database. This database has also been incorporated into our online trademark application form. The database contains over 65,000 terms from which you can select the products and services you wish to protect through the trademark application. Use of the database will help improve the quality of your application and will save time, since each term included in the database has been agreed by experts from every official trademark agency in the European Union. That means that we will no longer need to check your classification manually, which will accelerate the registration process considerably.

Most trademarks registered in class 35
Did you know that the Belgian province of Luxembourg is the only province in the Benelux where the majority of registrations for class 41 are submitted? In all other provinces, this is class 35. Class 35 includes not only services, such as assistance with business management, the operation or management of an enterprise, but also the services provided by marketing agencies.

To find out what the top 5 classifications are in your province are, move the cursor over the province. If you have any questions about classification or the harmonised database, contact our Information Centre