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What is your brand worth?

September 2015

Entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, often have many misconceptions about how to protect a company name or logo. This is either because they think that a domain name registration and registering their trade name at the Chamber of Commerce are sufficient to protect their name and logo, or because they expect that an official trademark registration will cost a lot of money, and assume it’s only something for big companies.

As an entrepreneur you invest a lot of time and energy in your company. You work hard, come up with a unique concept or invest in advertising and your network. You build up a good name and thus create value. The value you generate is contained in your brand name – and this needs to be protected against misuse. After all, you don’t want another entrepreneur to come along and reap the fruits of your hard work. An official trademark registration at the BOIP puts you in a strong position. And it doesn’t cost much, with prices starting at just €240. This will give you a standard trademark registration for the Benelux countries that is valid for 10 years.
Check whether your trademark already exists
If your name has already been registered by someone else, then you may come into conflict with the holder, i.e. owner. Many (new) entrepreneurs incorrectly assume that a search of the Trade Register and of Google is sufficient to find out whether a name already exists. But to check whether a brand name already exists you need to consult an official Trademarks Register. You can search for free in the BOIP’s online Trademarks Register to see whether the name you want to use has already been entered in a register, and if so, then for what, by whom and when the trademark was registered.
Number of trademark registrations in the Benelux states
Currently there are almost 300,000 registered Benelux trademarks. In Belgium, the Brussels region has the most registrations: 16,761. In the Netherlands the leader is the province of Noord-Holland, with 53,946 registrations. In Luxembourg the province of Luxembourg is the hot spot, with 8,401. In order to see which city in the various provinces has the most registered trademarks, click on the black dots in the image. Are you proud of your trademark, too? Then register it officially at the BOIP.