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How to increase the value of fashion!

June 2015

As an entrepreneur involved in the world of fashion you work hard to build your name and reputation! You are eager to conquer the world with your designs and for consumers to appreciate the value of your business. But how do you add value to your fashion?

To answer this question we delve into the past. The Englishman Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895) is considered to be the founder of French haute couture. He was the first fashion designer to sew labels featuring his name into his designs.

Fashion label and trademark registration
Today, almost all designers sew labels with their (brand) name into their designs. Many of them also register their name as a trademark. By investing in a brand you add value to your business (branding). You protect this investment with a trademark registration. If a competitor uses the same or a similar name or logo, a designer/fashion company can only take action if their name or logo is validly registered as a trademark. A trademark registration ® also creates a professional image.

Clothing brands in the Benelux
There are currently 11,789 clothing brands registered in the Benelux. Fashion items fall under a specific product group that is referred to in the legal world as Class 25. Below you will find the top 15 cities in the Benelux with trademark registrations for this class. Have you registered your trademark yet?