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List of confusing letters received by trademark holders

Monday 22 February 2016

BOIP's Information Centre regularly receives queries about letters received by trademark holders from third parties. The recipients of these letters are often under the impression that they originate from BOIP, EU IPO, WIPO or some other official agency. Furthermore, these letters often seem to be invoices and trademark holders contact us asking whether they are obliged to pay them.

BOIP is aware that a number of parties use the public information contained in the trademark register to approach trademark holders and offer them their services. In view of the nature of some of these offers, we constantly warn trademark holders to always exercise caution and not take up an offer without verification. If in doubt, you can always contact our Information Centre.

Below we have drawn up a list of companies which, since 2015, have approached trademark holders in a manner that creates confusion regarding the nature and/or credentials of the offering party. BOIP is releasing this list to make it clear to all concerned that these parties should never be confused with BOIP or any other official agency. You are under no obligation to take up any offers from these companies and, indeed, we strongly advise against it. 

The list is drawn up in the order in which BOIP received questions from trademark holders regarding the letters in question, with the most recent at the top. This list will be updated if and when we receive similar complaints about other companies.

Similar lists with example letters can be found on the websites of EUIPO and WIPO