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BOIP in top 5 trademark offices for online performance

Thursday 27 April 2017

We are proud to announce that we have achieved a shared 5th place in the category “online performance” in a recent survey conducted by World Trademark Review among worldwide trademark offices. In recent years, we certainly have been working hard on renewing our online service provision.

The survey (The world’s most innovative IP offices revealed, World Trademark Review, 27 March 2017) was conducted among the world’s top 40 trademark offices (based on the average number of applications per year) and focused on the question: ‘Which national services are the most successful in renewing their services and making them accessible to customers?’. The scale of the trademark offices and the resources available to them were also taken into account. The survey compared online performance, such as the availability of the website and registers, the provision of services that offer added value for businesses, and information and promotional activities. In the category online performance BOIP is in 5th place, after New Zealand (IPONZ), EUIPO, Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, the United States (USPTO) and Australia (IP Australia). We are therefore number 1 among the national agencies in the EU in the field of online performance. In the overall ranking BOIP has achieved 10th place, whereby not only the availability of online services, but also, for example, the provision of information for entrepreneurs, the organisation of public events and the use of social media were taken into consideration. That is no mean feat compared with large players such as EUIPO and USPTO.

We will continue to invest in the coming years in our online services. We are currently building a new website, which is expected to go live at the end of 2017. Last year we launched the new i-DEPOT, enabling representatives to submit i-DEPOT’s on behalf of their customers. Since then, users can choose to make their i-DEPOT public: an innovative service that meets the demands of our customers. In addition, we are realising an online environment called “My BOIP”, where users can view and manage their own data and products. We are thus continuously striving to improve our online services to help you arrange your business quickly and efficiently.

The entire World Trademark Review survey can be found at www.worldtrademarkreview.com.