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Privacy Policy

  1. The BOIP collects personal data relating to Users. The BOIP is the party responsible regarding the processing of that data.
  2. The data which the BOIP collects is data such as name, address, postal code, place of residence, position, telephone number, fax number and gender. The BOIP uses the data on behalf of the execution of agreements with Account Holders and on behalf of the execution of the BOIP’s public task pursuant to the Convention which includes, but is not limited to, the registration and the management of the register of trademarks and drawings or designs. The details of account holders who are also holders of at least one Benelux trademark right or design right are displayed when providing details for a new My BOIP account in order to avoid the creation of multiple My BOIP accounts for a single Account Holder. The data is also used to maintain contacts with people who are registered with the BOIP (including Account Holders) and to inform said persons by post or e-mail of new developments relating to the BOIP or the Services or relating to (new) products or services which the BOIP provides. Account Holders hereby give their explicit permission to the BOIP for the inclusion in the public (online) registers of trademarks and drawings or designs of said personal data which has to be referred to in these registers on the grounds of the Convention and the accompanying implementing regulations. Personal data which, on the grounds of the Convention and the Implementing Regulations, has to be referred to in the BOIP register is to be made available to third parties, in particular trademark offices, exclusively for the execution of research, trademark monitoring services and online research into the presence in the register of specific trademark registrations or trademark applications.
  3. Users whose data is to be processed are entitled to request access to this data and, if the data is incorrect or incomplete, are entitled to have the data corrected or deleted. Users can change their personal data in their Accounts.
  4. The BOIP has registered the processing of the above-mentioned data with the Dutch Data Protection Authority [College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens] in The Hague under registration number m1334360.