The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) is the official body for the registration of trademarks and designs in the Benelux.

In addition, the BOIP offers the possibility to formally record the existence of ideas, concepts, designs prototypes and the like.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is the collective term for rights to intellectual creations such as books, music, trademarks, designs, inventions, software, texts and photographs. A single creation may be protected by multiple rights at the same time. The best-known intellectual property rights are trademark rights, copyrights and patent rights.

  • Thursday 20 March 2014

    Sint Maarten and the BOIP conclude agreement on trademark law

  • Tuesday 18 March 2014

    Minister of Sint Maarten visits BOIP

  • Wednesday 12 February 2014

    The Republic of Korea joins TMview

  • Monday 27 January 2014

    Filing a design online available now!

  • Monday 20 January 2014

    Online design application as from 27 January 2014

  • Monday 6 January 2014

    International trademark applications to be submitted through an online application as from 6 January 2014

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  • How to apply for an account?