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Good idea? i-DEPOT!

Do you regularly have new ideas and are you seeking out options to submit your idea, concept, design, prototype, film, song lyrics, screenplay etc.? In that case the online i-DEPOT facility of the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property is a great solution.


Legal means of proof

The i-DEPOT allows you to prove that your creation already existed on a certain date. That may be quite useful: if somebody else claims the creation is his or hers, your i-DEPOT will allow you to disprove that claim. However, the i-DEPOT does not offer (intellectual) property rights and does not offer legal protection.

Direct online submission

You can submit your i-DEPOT directly online. This is a fast and convenient method. The i-DEPOT is affordable and, even more important, completely safe. In a number of steps you will be asked to fill in some details and add a description and/or reproduction of your concept or idea. Note that the file (or set of files) you submit should not be larger than 100 MB.