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Publish an i-DEPOT

On i-D Space, you can publish the i-DEPOT you have submitted. There are several reasons for wishing to publish an i-DEPOT, for instance in order to find partners to develop or bring to the market your concept, format, software or innovative product, or to let the outside world know that you are the originator of a creation. You can also use publication on i-D Space to prevent another party from applying for a patent or design right for your idea.

You can opt to publish your i-DEPOT partly or completely. If you publish the i-DEPOT completely, you will be publishing the i-DEPOT certificate, including the attached files. If you publish the i-DEPOT partly, you will only publish one or more of the attached files that you have selected. This last option is only available for i-DEPOTs submitted on or after 27 September 2016.

Please note!

Be conscious of what you are publishing. If you want to apply for a patent or design right at a later time, publishing the i-DEPOT could harm its novelty. This could cause you to lose the possibility of protection by a patent or registered design.

For advice on i-DEPOT and your intellectual property you should contact a IP advisor or specialised lawyer.

What is i-D Space?

i-D Space is a database that contains all published i-DEPOTs and is accessible to everyone. It can be searched by number, applicant name and the areas of application of the i-DEPOT. Clicking on the i-DEPOT number in the list of results will display the public content of the i-DEPOT and the related information.

How can I publish my i-DEPOT?

You can publish an i-DEPOT by logging in to the My BOIP environment. Next, go to your i-DEPOT overview. In the overview, click on the blue link in the i-DEPOT number you wish to publish. That will take you to the i-DEPOT file. In the file, you will find all the information that relates to the i-DEPOT you have submitted. Then click on the link ‘Publish i-DEPOT’ on the right-hand side.

Publishing an i-DEPOT involves four steps:

Step 1: Enter the public title, provide a description of the content of the information to be published, the reason why and what the possible business applications are. State whether you want to publish the i-DEPOT completely full (the i-DEPOT certificate) or partly (one or more files from your i-DEPOT).
Step 2: State to which products and services your i-DEPOT applies. That is important for the relevance of the i-DEPOT and the ease with which it can be found on i-D Space.
Step 3: Enter your contact details. This is not mandatory.
Step 4: You are shown an overview of the information to be published and will be taken to the payment screen.