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Similarity tool

The Similarity Tool is a search function for professionals, providing a useful tool during opposition procedures, for example. You can use this tool to determine whether certain goods and services are viewed as similar or not similar.

How does the tool work?

The Similarity Tool has two options: you can compare individual search terms or retrieve a list of search terms. After you have selected the option you wish to compare, you can also filter the office(s) from which you would like to retrieve results. After that a table with results will be displayed in which you can select the pairs that are most relevant to you. BOIP will initially publish around 3,000 comparisons in the tool. This number will be gradually expanded. The tool works most effectively if you define a specific search query for each comparison. This means you must specify both the goods and services in question and the Nice classifications for the previous trademark and the contested trademark.


The Similarity Tool is a tool that is meant to give an indication. The results are non-binding and no rights can be derived from it.