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Opposition procedure

First, upon receiving the opposition, BOIP will verify that the information provided is accurate and complete. If the opposition is inadmissable, it will be not be considered further. The parties shall be duly informed.

If the opposition is admissable, the opposition will be considered. BOIP then determines whether the opposition meets the additional legal requirements.

As from the moment BOIP has sent the details of the initial opposition to both parties, the parties are granted the opportunity during a short period of time to see whether they can resolve the conflict among themselves. This is referred to as the cooling off period. BOIP shall inform both parties when the cooling-off period has ended. At that moment, the actual opposition proceedings will begin. This constitutes the formal start of the proceedings.

The opponent must submit his or her arguments within two months after the start of the proceedings.

Next, the defendant has two months to respond to these arguments and/or to request proof of use. If the defendant requests proof of use, the opponent has two months to submit these. Once the defendant receives the proof of use, he or she has two months to respond to these and the opponent's arguments, if he or she has not done so already.

Once all documents have been submitted the file is ready for decision . BOIP may opt to invite the parties to submit additional arguments or documents within a specified period of time.