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The registers of the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property are open to the public. Owner’s details, such as name and address, are freely available. This is necessary, because anybody must be able to verify claims of the right on a trademark or design. The public nature of this data also allows all service providers to contact applicants.

  • Trademarks

    The Trademarks Register contains all the trademarks that are valid within the Benelux region.

    In addition to the Benelux trademarks, there are also the Community trademarks (also known as the European trademarks) and the International trademarks valid in that region.

    The Trademarks Register serves as the official publication for Benelux trademarks.

  • Designs

    The Designs Register only contains the published Benelux designs.

    The database does not contain any filings, deferred publications or registrations that have not yet been published.

    The Designs Gazette serves as the official publication for Benelux designs.