Cookies policy

BOIP makes use of cookies to enhance the experience of its website visitors (e.g. to remember your choice of language, settings for your personal page and so on) and to collect web statistics from visitors to and A cookie is a small text file that your browser installs on your computer and that enables our website to recognise you during your next visit.

No personal details

A cookie consists of a unique number. It does not contain any personal details. BOIP cannot use cookies to identify you personally, nor to identify you when you visit third-party websites.


You can adjust your browser settings to receive a message every time a cookie is installed on your computer or to prevent their installation altogether. However, this will also prevent you from being able to use all the options available on the site. You can also use the website to indicate whether or not you want it to be able to install tracking cookies. You will be able to reverse this decision at any time.

Data for webstatistics

The data collected by the BOIP is used exclusively for web statistics in Google Analytics and Google Optimize. The BOIP uses this information to better tailor the website and the applications to the needs of its visitors and improve their user friendliness. The data is not used for any other purpose nor made available to third parties.

What data are collected?

BOIP gathers the following data for statistics purposes:

  • The address of your Internet provider;
  • Your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer of Safari);
  • The time and duration of your visit;
  • Which pages you have visited.

OIP does not collect any information about the actual identity of visitors.

Cookie summary
Name Domaine Content and purpose Valid
LtpaToken2,, Encrypted authentication token for SSO (single sign on) Session duration

Standard java cookie to attach browser to a server session. Each request of a user will be processed on the same cluster node

Session duration
bmbLanguage User language preference 13 months

User preference columns

13 months
bmbItemsPerPage User preference results per page 13 months
bmbSortColumn User preference sorting order 13 months
bmbStartPage User preference starting page 13 months
bmbFirstTrademarkMutation Gebruikersvoorkeur tonen mutatie 13 maanden
Functional cookies Domein Inhoud en doel Geldigheid
_ga, Used to distiguish users 2 years
_gid, Used to distinguish users 24 hours
_gat_<property-id>, Used to throttle request rate 1 minute
_gaexp Used to experiment with different varieties of our website Duration of the experiment, typically 90 days

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