Submit an i-DEPOT

Make sure you have everything you need at hand to submit your i-DEPOT. You can do a quick check by using these 4 steps for submitting an i-DEPOT.

Step 1: Choose what you want to record

The i-DEPOT is a first step on the path to protection when developing a product, concept, service, process, or company. You can use it as form of evidence (date stamp). It does not create an independent intellectual property right.

Before placing your idea on the market you should carefully check which IP rights you might want to use to protect your property at a later date, and under what conditions.

What do you want to record?

You decide what you want to record in an i-DEPOT:

  • i-DEPOT Idea
  • i-DEPOT Industrial secret and know-how
  • i-DEPOT Design
  • i-DEPOT Music & Media
  • i-DEPOT Software
  • i-DEPOT Innovation

More information about i-DEPOT

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Do you want advice?

Would you like advice on the best protection for your idea? If so, use the services of an an IP professional. BOIP is an independent body and is therefore not allowed to advise you.

Step 2: Append annexe(s)

You may add one or more files to your i-DEPOT u to a maximum of 100 MB.

The following file formats are permitted:
pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, docx, doc, tif, tiff, xlsx, xls, pptx, ppt, png, gif, bmp, mov, mp3, mp4, m4v, avi, wmv, mpg, psd, wav, m4a, wma, aac and zip.

What to keep in mind when adding files

Confidential or public

By default, BOIP keeps your i-DEPOT confidential. You can, however, choose at any point in time to make it public on i-D Space in whole or in part. So, when arranging your appendices, make a distinction between files that you may want to make public at a later date and those that you want to keep private. More information on publishing an i-DEPOT

Content in tangible form

Endeavour to express the content of the appendices in as a tangible form as possible. This will be useful if you later want to claim protection of rights that do not have to be registered, such as copyright or an unregistered Community design

It is not possible to add appendices after submission

After submission of the i-DEPOT, you will not be able to add any new appendices. The date stamp you received will only apply to the appendices you originally submitted. We advise you to submit a new i-DEPOT for the new files and to refer to the earlier i-DEPOT'.

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Step 3: Submit your i-DEPOT

You are nearly ready to submit your i-DEPOT. You will need a  My BOIP account to do so. Creating an account takes just a couple of minutes. Do you already have an account? If so, you can log in directly.

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Step 4: Create an NDA for your i-DEPOT (optional)

If you want to share your idea with other parties, for example potential investors or partners, it is wise to conclude a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

BOIP gives you the opportunity to create an NDA online, directly linked to your specific i-DEPOT. This provides you with extra evidence in the event of a dispute. Read more about NDA 

Create an NDA now in 4 steps

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