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Let us suppose you have safely stored your creation in an i-DEPOT. Over time though, you decide you would like to share the information about your creation after all, to be able to work more easily together with a new business partner, for instance. In that case, you can publish your i-DEPOT. Your i-DEPOT can then be consulted on i-D Space, an open-access marketplace, where all public i-DEPOTs can be found. 

Going public? This is what you should look out for 

If you have decided you want to publish your i-DEPOT, be aware that you cannot publish a patentable technique or a design. This is because patents and designs are required to be novel.  In other words, once you make your creation public in i-D Space, you will no longer be able to apply for a patent or design registration for it later.  

Searching in i-D Space idspace logo

You can search in i-D Space using, for example: 

  • an i-DEPOT number; 
  • the name of the petitioner; 
  • areas of application of the i-DEPOT products and services. 

Click on the i-DEPOT number in the results list to view the public content of that i-DEPOT and the associated data.  

Have you found an i-DEPOT on i-D Space that infringes on your rights or that constitutes a criminal offence? If so, you can lodge an objection.

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