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Make sure no-one uses your trademark without your permission

You’ve registered your trademark? Great! By doing that, you’ve taken the first important step in protecting your name or logo. Now it’s time for step two – because you naturally do not want anyone using your trademark without your permission or applying to register a trademark that is similar to yours.  

To prevent this, you have to monitor your trademark. You can do that very easily and online with BOIP Trademark Alert – the online notification service for trademarks. Could BOIP Trademark Alert be something for you? Try it now for three months – completely free! 

Trademark Alert 3 months free of charge (Login My BOIP)

Tip: If you have more than one trademark, you can also take out a subscription for your other trademarks too.  


3 reasons to choose BOIP Trademark Alert

  • Direct reliable information from the trademarks register 
    BOIP Trademark Alert checks in the BOIP trademarks register whether an application submitted is similar to your trademark. If so, you receive direct notification of it. 

  • Set it up easily online  
    You can set up a subscription for BOIP Trademark in a few clicks in MyBOIP. You receive a message automatically if it appears that someone is infringing on your trademark. In MyBOIP you can see which trademark is concerned in your BOIP Trademark Alert overview.  

  • Now three months free of charge 
    Try this one-time offer for BOIP Trademark Alert now for three months free of charge. Your free subscription will expire by itself after three months. There is no need for you to do anything. Would you like to monitor your trademark continuously? You can take out an annual subscription for just € 53 per year.  

Infringement? It’s important to act quickly!

The sooner you are aware that someone is infringing on your trademark, the better. After all, you don’t want anyone to just piggy-back on your success, or that customers become confused because they don’t see the difference between your trademark and that of a competitor. You can also block the new trademark at relatively low cost – without the need to go to court. That means objecting to the new trademark using what is known as an opposition procedure. You have to do it quickly though: within two months of your competitor’s new trademark being published. In short, there are plenty of reasons to try out BOIP Trademark Alert! 

Opposition Procedure

 An opposition procedure is a relatively complicated legal process. You must carry out all the steps in the procedure carefully and correctly. An IP specialist can help and advise you further. You can find contact details of IP specialists at


Control over your trademark: how it works

BOIP Trademark Alert is an online notification service. Once you subscribe, you automatically receive an alert whenever anyone applies to register a trademark that is similar to your trademark. Your BOIP Trademark Alert overview shows the trademark concerned. You can also follow that trademark – that way you stay aware of what happens to it. It means you can take action in good time when anyone infringes on your trademark. On this page we explain how the BOIP Trademark Alert automatic notifications work. 

BOIP Trademark Alert: how to apply 

You can request BOIP Trademark Alert quickly and easily from your MyBOIP account. The monitoring of your trademark will start directly after you take out the subscription. We will send you confirmation by e-mail. 

Trademark Alert 3 months free of charge (Login My BOIP)


You can try out BOIP Trademark Alert now for three months free of charge. The subscription will stop automatically at the end of the three months. After that, you can take out an annual subscription. An annual subscription costs € 53 per year, per trademark. The subscription is renewable on an annual basis.  

Do you need advice? 

BOIP is an independent body. We provide extensive information on all the possibilities for trademark and design registration. We cannot provide advice in respect of your individual situation, however. For that you can turn to an IP specialist. If – with our help – you cannot find a solution to your problem, an IP specialist can advise you then on the best way to protect your trademark or design. They can even take care of the whole registration process for you. You can find contact details of specialists at  

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