BOIP team proud to announce donation to two charities: Xenia and Foundation Willy Jeanne

On behalf of all its staff, BOIP has made a charitable donation to two good causes, Foundation Willy Jeanne and Xenia, a hospice for young people. We are extremely proud to be able to make a positive impact on society in this way.

Lachende mensen en een grote check
Xenia Director, Jaqueline Bouts, receiving the cheque from BOIP

At the end of last year, we held a Christmas collection among the staff to raise money for two good causes. The charities were put forward by colleagues, and a vote was then held to select them. The first charity voted for was Foundation Willy Jeanne, a charitable organisation working to promote education for young people in Cameroon. Our contribution will be used to install solar panels on the roof of the school. The second donation is for Xenia, a young people’s hospice in Leiden.

Total amount raised doubled

Management decided to double the total amount raised by the BOIP team. This means we are able to donate € 6,917 to Foundation Willy Jeanne and € 6,917 to Xenia, the young people’s hospice.

Ragnar Gustafsson, Director General van BOIPRagnar Gustafsson, Director General of BOIP:

"This is not just about giving something back to society. It’s about making a real difference to the lives of those who need it the most. By doubling the amount our efforts raised we can provide greater support to both of these good causes." 

We wish both Foundation Willy Jeanne and Xenia young people’s hospice every success in continuing their wonderful work.

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