This passionate young entrepreneur makes premium streetwear and spirits. Trademark registration is essential for his brand WOLF.

Niels Wouters makes premium streetwear and spirits. He believed in his brand’s potential from the very start. “WOLF is a brand that stands for passion, for fire, for doing things yourself. It's my baby and I want to protect it as best I can. Trademark registration is simply an essential part of that.”

Niels registered his trademark himself. Firstly, it was to protect himself from a legal point of view from other players on the market. It was also to show himself as authentic. “I’m investing in my brand. I’m no one day wonder. With my brand, I’m showing the world I’m there.” 

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Is trademark registration useful for your business?
You only actually own your name or logo if you have registered your trademark. If you have, then you have a monopoly on your brand. There are many advantages to that. Read all about it on our page ‘All about trademarks’.   

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