Free prediagnostic check for Belgian businesses: check your intellectual property rights

If you want to protect your innovations and claim the rights to them, the Intellectual Property (IP) Prediagnostic Check is perhaps something for you. This free service from the Belgian Federal Economic Service will help you determine your IP strategy and strengthen your position on the market.  

Twee vrouwen op kantoor

An independent IP expert will analyse your company’s existing and potential intellectual property rights and give you recommendations tailored to your situation. This helps innovative businesses identify their rights, protect them and make use of them. 

The service offers an objective and qualified analysis, an overview of all aspects of IP rights and a report for developing an action plan for an IP policy. Companies with a business number and registered office in Belgium may apply for the service using an online form. 

If you would like to know more about this service and how it can help your company protect its innovations read more about the Prediagnostic IP Check here (in Dutch). 

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