Green innovations for a climate-neutral continent

The roles have been reversed. We can no longer take for granted that the earth will take care of mankind. Instead, we now must take care of the planet. That requires measures and innovations that are sustainable. European companies are already actively engaged in developing them. This is reflected in the number of trademark applications for green innovations in the EU, which has seen a marked increase in the past 15 years.


The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has completed a study in which it analysed 2 million EU trademark applications. The result? In 1996, ‘green’ EU trademark applications accounted for less than 4 % of the total number of EU applications. In 2020, that increased to more than 11%. groene innovaties en duurzame oplossingen

Is your company also bringing sustainable solutions on to the market? 

The European Commission aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. Green innovations are therefore now an immense growth market. Would you like to help make the world more sustainable with your products or services? Make sure you research properly beforehand how you can protect your innovation, as well as which name or logo you want to use to bring your products or services on to the market. 

Are you active in the field of green innovations? Then register your trademark!  

If your company is working on green innovations, don't forget to register your trademark! Doing so will have a number of benefits. The cost should also not be an obstacle: you can have protection from € 244 for 10 years.

merkregistratie aanvragenRegister your trademark in four steps

Registration protects the value of your brand. Be aware: There is a lot to consider when applying for trademark registration. And there are costs involved. Use our four steps to check what opportunities and possibilities are open to you.

Start the four steps 

Did you know that...

  • There were almost 24,000 green EU trademark applications in the Netherlands, with 12,500 in Belgium and 5,400 in Luxembourg?

  • With 10%, SMEs account for the highest proportion of green EU trademark applications? 

  • Almost half of all green EU trademark applications are for energy-related products?

From the EU report ‘Green EU trade marks’ from 1996 - 2020.

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