The power of a strong trademark

BOIP is 50! And in the past 50 years, we have registered many good trademarks. We have had a dive into our archives and selected ten trademarks that have been in existence now for 50 years or more.   

  1. Marc O’Polo: well-known clothing and perfume brand. 

  1. Big Mac: the familiar snack from McDonalds. 

  1. Philips: our national pride, which has registered numerous trademarks now. 

  1. Ringlings (Cheetos): the round ring-shaped savoury snack, best known for its onion flavour. 

  1. Gist-Brocades: (now taken over by DSM) has among other things several chemical products registered under its own name. 

  1. Libresse: used by many women every month during their period.

  1. Buisman: supplies flavour enhancers to the food industry. Many people still know it as the little ‘extra’ from the blue tin that improves the taste of their coffee.  

  1. D2: the brand name for quality car care products. Did you know that the owner of the company is a family member of a BOIP colleague? 

  1. Johnson’s baby soap: who didn’t grow up with it?  

  1. Mr Proper (Mr Clean): our housecleaning hero. 

These are just a fraction of the trademarks that are still full of value and relevant 50 years on. That is the power of a strong trademark. 


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