What to do if bol.com does not accept your trademark registration

How does that happen?! You do everything you have to do to be able to sell your own branded goods on bol.com. Then, all at once, you receive a message that bol.com does not accept your trademark registration! Don’t worry – there’s a simple solution.

Let's just go back to the beginning...

One of the conditions to be able to sell your own branded goods on bol.com is to have a registered trademark – a logo, for example. So, you applied to register your trademark with BOIP, you successfully completed the application process, and your trademark is registered in the BOIP Trademarks Register. Once all that has been done, bol.com checks whether your logo is included in the register – and that is where things sometimes go amiss.


Finding your logo in the Trademarks Register 

The BOIP Trademarks Register must be easily searchable to be able to retrieve the trademarks. In this way you can easily see whether someone else has applied to register a trademark that is similar to yours. It is the reason why we include in our system all the word elements that form part of a particular trademark.

Say you want to register a logo that includes the words ‘Baker Pete’ and its abbreviated form – ‘BP’. The word elements in the logo then are: ‘Baker Pete BP’. We enter these words in our system and ‘name’ the logo as such in the BOIP Trademarks Register. 

What do you need to think about when registering your trademark?
Prepare your registration properly. By doing so, you will reduce the risk of other brands wanting to withhold your registration, or of your application being refused. On our page ‘All about trademarks’ you can read about what you need to take into account when registering your trademark. 

How does it work with bol.com?

Sometimes bol.com finds that we have given a logo in the Trademarks Register a ‘name’ that does not fully correspond to the details they have for that logo. If that is the case, the company will not accept the trademark registration. It is unfortunate but there are absolutely no consequences for the legal protection of your logo. What’s more, there is a simple solution to the problem.

How to solve a problem of confusion with your trademark registration

To solve the problem of confusion with your trademark registration, all you need to do is make a digital print-out of your logo from the BOIP Trademarks Register. Here’s how:

  1. Search for your trademark in the BOIP Trademarks Register.
  2. Click on 'More details'.
  3. On your trademark page, click on ‘print’ at the top on the right. 
  4. Save your print-out as a pdf and send it via e-mail to bol.com.

You can also send them the link to this article with it, of course, for extra clarification.

Go to page: Do you want to sell via bol.com or Amazon? Register your trademark with BOIP first!

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