Why reading this Annual Report should perhaps be top of your list

What can you still remember from 2021? You can probably remember the COVID-19 pandemic and the various lockdowns. Perhaps you can also recall the European football championship that was postponed and then took place in 2021. What was going on at BOIP though? And why is that relevant for you?


...it’s relevant because it’s primarily about you. That’s because every day we work to make intellectual property as easy as possible for you as an entrepreneur. How do we do that? You can read all about it in our Annual Report.


boip feedback annual report...it's relevant because you most certainly have feedback for us – and we definitely want to hear it! How can we improve the services we provide, the way we give information and your experience as our customer? Do you have any ideas? Share them with us by email or follow us on LinkedIn and leave us a comment on our posts.

Feedback about our Annual Report? We’ll be very pleased to receive that too. So, pour yourself an extra large coffee and sit down for a minute.

Read the BOIP Annual Report 2021 here

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