BOIP coffee break webinar on the topic of "Use" part II - genuine use

This coffee break webinar is part of a series of webinars which will be given this year and that are all focusing on Use.

Yvonne Noorlander will host the webinar on ‘genuine use’, following Pieter Veeze’s previous webinar centered around ‘acquired distinctiveness through use’. Towards the end of this year, Tineke Van Hoey wraps up with a webinar on ‘reputation’. 

Yvonne Noorlander
  • 15 minutes live webinar
  • Participation is free of charge
  • The webinar is in English


Use part II: genuine use

What you will take away from the webinar   

After this ultra-short BOIP coffee break webinar, you will know how to effectively demonstrate genuine use by means of useful insights, provided to you during this webinar. Through real-life examples we will explore the parameters encompassing genuine use. 


During the webinar it will be possible to ask questions via chat. Our experts will answer your questions. 

Series webinars on Use 

This webinar is part of a series of coffee break webinars that we will organise this year and in which we are focusing on Use. The series is divided into three subjects:  

  1. Acquired distinctiveness 
  2. Genuine use 
  3. Reputation 

Stay tuned for the following coffee break webinars on Use!  

Yvonne Noorlander, Legal Officer
Free of charge

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