Corresponding with BOIP. This is the best way to do it.

Below we set out the best way for you to correspond with us and how to share documents.

Correspondence regarding trademarks, designs, oppositions and modifications  

You receive all correspondence through your My BOIP Message box regarding the trademarks, designs, oppositions and modifications you file. If you wish to reply to that correspondence, you may also do that through your My BOIP Message box. 

Replying to correspondence through My BOIP Message box 

  • You need to reply to correspondence if you see a deadline for response in the far right-hand column. 
  • Click in the row to open the message that needs to be answered. 
  • Send your answer by clicking on the ‘Reply’ button.  
  • Add your answer in the form of a text message or a file (PDF of JPG). 
  • Your answer is then included under ‘Message sent’. The person dealing with your application can start working with it straight away. 

If you want to reply to a message that does not have a deadline for response, use the ‘Send reaction' button.

Filing requests for modification 

You can file the most common requests for modification through My BOIP. These are: 

  • a transfer, 
  • a change in name and/or address, 
  • a nomination or change of agent. 

You can file other requests for modification via our website

The cancellation procedure 

You can file an application for cancellation using the contact form on our website. The correspondence relating to that procedure will also take place via that form. 

General queries 

If you have any questions or remarks of a general nature, please call or email our Information Centre. We will be happy to help you further.

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