3 months trademark monitoring free of charge

Customers who have registered their trademark with BOIP can profit from three months trademark monitoring free of charge with the BOIP Trademark Alert. This online notification service checks whether anyone applies to register a trademark that is similar to your trademark. If so, you then receive direct notification of it. 

‘Trademark monitoring is often neglected,’ says Diter Wuytens. He is jointly responsible for developing BOIP Trademark Alert. ‘Worse still, there are many entrepreneurs who think there’s nothing else to do once the trademark has been registered. Keeping an eye on whether anyone is using your trademark without your permission, however, is just as important a part of brand protection as registering the trademark’. 

TM Alert

Proud of an intelligent service 

‘Over the past year we have been busy further developing BOIP Trademark Alert and making improvements. For instance, you can now mark the results so you can follow them. It’s a smart online service that helps save entrepreneurs a lot of time and trouble. We’re quite proud of that!’ 

Try it for three months free of charge 

All our customers who have registered their trademark can now try out BOIP Trademark Alert free of charge for three months. The subscription will stop automatically at the end of the three months. ‘There’s no notice period for cancellation and there’s no catch!’ laughs Diter. ‘We are the official organisation for trademark and design registration in the Benelux; we don’t do sales tricks like that’. 

Activate it easily online

You can activate a trial subscription for BOIP Trademark Alert in a few clicks in MyBOIP. You will receive a message automatically if an application is made for a trademark that is similar to yours. In MyBOIP you can see which trademark is concerned in your BOIP Trademark Alert overview. If you have more than one trademark, you can also take out a subscription for your other trademarks too. 

Existing customers also benefit 

Customers who already have an annual subscription to BOIP Trademark Alert can also benefit from this promotional offer. We are offering them three months free of charge on top of the duration of their subscription.  

Would you like to know more about BOIP Trademark Alert and how to claim your three months free of charge? Visit our promotional page BOIP Trademark Alert


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