BOIP launches a promotion: i-DEPOTs free of charge in June

In June 2020, anyone can submit i-DEPOTs for free. Yes, you read that right: not just one idea and not just once, but as many and as often as you want.

New times? New ideas!

The world looks very different today to only a few months ago. That has prompted many entrepreneurs to dream up innovative solutions to the challenges they are facing, giving rise to a host of new ideas. Some of those ideas are undoubtedly gems with a long-term future. This is also a time when we all have to think about how we now want to shape the way we live and work: how do we want to operate from now on? Will things go back to business as usual or will there be permanent changes? Basically, it is more important now than ever before to generate new ideas. That is why BOIP has declared June the 'Month of New Ideas'. Normally, an i-DEPOT costs 37 euros for five years. However, in June 2020, anyone can record their new idea, concept or format free of charge, online, in an i-DEPOT.

New times? New ideas!Why this promotion?

We are running this promotion to give entrepreneurs heart, and because we believe that new ideas are much needed in these extraordinary times. Through this promotion, the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, is providing its heartfelt support to all those who are devising new ideas.

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How does it work?

Recording an idea in an i-DEPOT is simple and fast. Within minutes, you will receive an official i-DEPOT certificate, i.e. legal, date-stamped proof of your idea. You can use your certificate to prove that you had the idea on a certain date. This allows you to proceed with working up your idea with a degree of security.

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Further information

Would you like to know more about this promotion or do you have questions about submitting an i-DEPOT? If so, please contact our Information Centre.

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