The ® symbol – Put it against your brand name, but only if your trademark has been registered

One of the big advantages of trademark registration is that you can put the ® symbol against the name of your product. By using the ® symbol – meaning ‘registered trademark’ – you reinforce your registered trademark. It's free, so why not use it? Go on, do it!

  • The ® symbol signals credibility to your customers.
  • Using the ® symbol shows your competitors and potential investors that your trademark has been officially registered.
  • That helps to frighten off other parties who want to copy your trademark.

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The ® symbol for reliability

The ® symbol against the name of your product signals reliability and trustworthiness. It can be the deciding factor that persuades customers to buy your product rather than one from your competitor, which is exactly what you want of course.

Do you know enough about trademarks?
On our page ‘All about trademarks’ we have set out what the benefits of trademark registration are for you and what you have to think about when you apply to register your trademark. Do you know, for instance, what the difference is between a trade name and a brand name?

Symbol of official registration

By using the ® symbol you also show that you have officially registered your trademark. Without trademark registration, placing the ® symbol against the name of your product is not permitted; it is misleading. You may, in fact, only claim things about products that are true.

Reinforce your brand

With the ® symbol you show competitors that you have the monopoly on your brand, as well as a strong legal position. That makes your trademark stronger and considerably less attractive to copy. Potential investors should also not be forgotten. They can also see straightaway that you are taking your trademark seriously.

Trademark registration – sort it in 4 steps
You can register your trademark from €244, for 10 years. Our 4 steps will help you arrange it. Oh, and when it’s registered, don't forget to put the ® symbol against the name of your product! 
4 steps for trademark registration 

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