Entering the products and services of your choice into the system: here is how!

When applying for your trademark registration, you must choose the products and services you wish to do that for. You will find tips about how to choose in Step 3 of our helpful 4 steps for trademark registration. Then, when you start your application, you must enter your choice in the application system. This page tells you how to do this.   

Choosing your products and services  

You register a trademark for specific products and services. These are divided into 45 classes: 

  • Classes 1-34 cover products. 
  • Classes 35-45 cover services.

Within each class you can choose from a large number of different terms that designate the products and services. If you want to know which classes and terms you should select, take a look at our tips.

Entering products and services  

Once you have made your choice, you have two ways in which to inform us. Which route you choose depends mainly on what you yourself find easiest and on how broad your list of products and services is that you offer. For instance, if you have only one or two sorts of products or services, you can find them relatively easily in the system (route 1). If you have a very broad spectrum of products or services, it is often easier to compile a list in advance, which you can then upload in our system (route 2). 

Route 1: Searching 

In ‘Step 2’ of the online system, where you apply for your trademark registration, you will find a search tool. This tool searches in a database of validated terms. 

  1. In the search field, fill in one term that specifies your product or service. 
  2. You can then choose your terms from the results in the column on the right. 
  3. Searching again will enable you to add further terms. 

Route 2: Compiling a list in advance 

You can compile a list of products and services yourself in advance. This list must be in a particular format to be able to import it into our system: 

  1. Go to the TMclass website. 
  2. Search for your product and/or service (fill in under ‘Search term’). 
  3. The results appear on the right. Select the products and/or services by ticking the relevant boxes for the resulting terms. Avoid duplicate terms.
  4. The products/services selected are shown at the top on the right in My List (yellow box). Click to open the list. Check whether your list is complete and correct. You can also remove any terms you do not want. To add new terms, go back to the start. 
  5. When your list is ready, under ‘Actions’ select ‘Download as TXT file'. The file will now download to your computer. 
  6. Start or continue your trademark application. Import the TXT file at ‘Step 2’ using the option ‘Upload your list’. 

What to look out for 

The system verifies the terms you enter based on a database of terms that have already been validated. If you choose terms that have already been validated, they will show in green. As they have already been validated, we are able to process your application faster.  

If a term shows in orange, it means it has not been validated. The system will suggest terms that have been validated. Position your mouse over the orange term and select the correct suggested term. The term will then be labelled 'Term correct'.  

If a term shows in red, it has not been validated and no alternative term has been found in the database.

Please bear in mind that processing your application will take longer if you use non-validated terms.

Do you need help?   

If you need help in submitting your choice for your products and services, please call or email our Information Centre or ask your question via the chat in the application system.

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