BOIP innovates its Trademarks Register

Searching for existing trademarks manually? It is a lot easier now, thanks to the new and improved search functions available in our Trademarks Register. The main innovations are set out below.

Searching for figurative marks

zoeken naar beeldmerkenAs an innovative service provider, it is important to us to meet our customers’ expectations consistently. One improvement regularly requested by users in recent years is to be able to search for similar figurative marks easily. We have now integrated the latest image recognition technology in the BOIP Trademarks Register, thereby making searching for figurative marks straightforward. To this end, we have harnessed Clarivate's expertise in trademark research with AI-powered image recognition.

When you do a logo search, you will not only find Benelux trademarks, but also EU trademarks and international trademarks with validity in the Benelux.

Searching for modifications

Using the “Modifications” tab, you can easily search through all the modifications made to Benelux trademarks (BX). You can search by modification number, or by a combination of the modification publication date and type of modification. The display has been significantly improved too. In addition, you can now also click directly through to the trademarks to which the modification applies.

Searching for decisions

Using the “BOIP decisions” tab, you can search for BOIP’s final refusals. From now on, you can also search per ground of refusal.

Simple and advanced searches

In the new Trademarks Register, you no longer need to use “wildcards” when searching. Using a “simple search”, you can search for trademarks, as well as trademark registration and application numbers using a single search field.

simple search

You can refine the search results using “advanced search”, not only when searching for trademarks, but also when searching for modifications to a trademark registration (such as a change of address, a transfer, or a licence, etc.) or for BOIP refusal decisions.
In addition, you can search for word and/or device components in combination with specific goods and services, all in one go. For example, you can search for trademarks that contain the word component "dear" and that are registered for products in class 25 (clothing).

advanced search

Search filters

You can specify your search using search filters, such as the filing date, goods and services or the holder.

More information

On this page, you will find more information on how the new Trademarks Register works, how to frame your search and how to interpret the search results. Do you have any questions or comments? If so, please do not hesitate to contact our Information Centre.

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