Searching in the Trademarks Register

Do you want to search in the BOIP Trademarks Register but you don’t know how exactly? We are pleased to set out some information here to help you with your search! 

How do I search properly?

You can search for trademarks in the Trademarks Register in different ways. This allows you to identify which trademarks might be the source of an objection filed against your trademark application. This way you can decide whether to continue with your application, search for professional advice or come up with another trademark.  

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I see a trademark that looks like mine 

Is there a risk of confusion if your trademark looks like someone else’s? If so, that can be reason for someone to file an objection against your trademark application. What should you look out for and when should you seek advice?

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An identical trademark to mine is showing in the Trademarks Register

Identical trademarks can actually exist alongside each other as long as they are not registered for the same products and services. Does your name already exist in the Trademarks Register? 

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How do I understand the search results? 

What do EUR, BX and INT mean? How do I view the ‘goods and services’ that have been specified? What is the difference between a word mark and a figurative mark with word elements?  

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My trademark is not in the Trademarks Register (yet) 

If your name or logo is not showing in the Trademarks Register yet, you might be able to register it then. Did you really search properly though? Do any trade names exist, for instance, that are similar to your trademark? 

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Note: a search result is of indicative value only

Need help?

Help with your search in the Trademarks registerAre you planning to apply to register a trademark? Our Information Centre is happy to help you with the practical aspects.

Would you like a comprehensive investigation into whether your trademark is available and specific advice on how best to apply for your trademark? Please contact an IP professional.

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