Brexit-reminder: implications for Benelux trademarks and designs

Deal or no deal: since 31 December 2020, the Brexit is final and the UK has left the EU. For Benelux trademarks and designs, this has the consequence that UK representatives can no longer act before BOIP.

The holder must indicate a correspondence address or representative within the EEA to be able to submit applications or carry out other acts. If this requirement is not met, BOIP will draw attention to this and set a time limit for remedying the deficiency. However, in order to avoid unnecessary delay, it is recommended to take proactive action yourself and to ensure that for all applications and registrations of trademarks and designs a correspondence address or representative located within the EEA is indicated.

More information about the consequences of the Brexit can be found in this previous news item. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Information Centre.

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