INTA wishes BOIP another 50 successful years

“The International Trademark Association wishes to congratulate the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) for its 50th Anniversary, and its long series of successes as an office. INTA has the pleasure to work closely with the Office for many years now, and to have witnessed its evolution into a vibrant, user-friendly and modern office, under the leadership of its Director General Ragnar Gustafsson and Deputy Director General Hugues Derème.  


“INTA have witnessed BOIP’s evolution into a vibrant, user-friendly and modern office.” 

BOIP particularly distinguishes itself with its pragmatic and customer-centric approach, always willing to interact with users and user associations such as INTA, and take their feedback into account to deliver the most relevant services for users. BOIP is also standing out with its international efforts, to foster dialogues with external stakeholders within the IP Community and outside the IP Community, to help promote more harmonized and impactful IPRs .  

As such, BOIP has been a reliable partner for INTA on many fronts, attending regularly INTA Annual Meetings to exchange with users and other IP Offices, and also project itself in the future by identifying challenges and opportunities. INTA wishes another 50 successful years to the office along this path!” 

Hélène Nicora 

Chief Representative Officer - Europe  
International Trademark Association (INTA) 



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