Datolite is a digital service in which BOIP issues daily updates about data in the Trademark Register. Datolite provides you with the most current data, ensuring that you always have the latest information available.

How it works

If you subscribe to Datolite, you will receive online notification of all modifications in the Trademark Register. You no longer need to search these modifications manually.

Datolite provides the most current data from the Trademark Register when:

  • new applications are entered (text + images)
  • applications are published
  • a trademark is registered
  • an accelerated registration is upheld in the refusal and opposition procedure
  • there has been a provisional refusal
  • opposition proceedings are pending
  • an image is rescanned.

Datolite features the following additional information:

  • registration renewal
  • registration modifications.

This service also supplies periodic lists of withdrawn, expired and refused trademarks.

Datolite does not issue data about international and EU trademarks valid in the Benelux.


Datolite fees are:

per trademark € 0.48
per renewal € 0.25
modifications, by year, irrespective of their number

€ 2,428

Example: 1,800 applications and 1,200 renewals monthly would amount to 16,396 euros for each subscriber annually.

Trademark Register

Purchasing the Trademark Register is not necessary but is recommended, especially if you want to use Datolite to offer multiple investigation services. Datolite may also serve you in building your own database.

The Trademark Register is available on cd rom and costs 21,100 euros for trademarks and 4,100 euros for device marks, totalling 25,200 euros.

Opposition Datolite

BOIP has developed a special version of the Datolite service: Opposition Datolite. This subscription provides publication data of applications subject to opposition. These data will enable you to determine whether filing opposition proceedings makes sense for you or your client.

Opposition Datolite costs 0.10 euro for each trademark.

Example: 1,800 applications monthly would amount to 2,160 euros annually for each subscriber.

A subscription to the Opposition Datolite does not require having the complete Trademark Register.

Technical data

The data are placed daily on an FTP server. No API is available.

The format is TM-XML: an XML standard composed with WIPO and EUIPO, especially designed for exchanging trademark data.

Datolite uses the WIPO ST66 standard (Wipo Standard 66) and may be used anywhere in the world.


Would you like to know more about Datolite? Please contact our IT secretariat: secrit@boip.int

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