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i-D Space is a free, publically accessible marketplace containing all published i-DEPOTs.

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idspace logoUsing i-D Space

In i-D Space you can search based on:

  • i-DEPOT number
  • the applicant's name
  • the i-DEPOT's field of application.

Click on the i-DEPOT number in the results list to view the public content of the i-DEPOT and the associated information.

Objecting to a public i-DEPOT

Have you found an i-DEPOT on i-D Space that you feel infringes rights or constitutes a criminal offence? If so, you can lodge an objection under the NTD (Notice-and-Take Down) procedure.

More about the NTD procedure

Submitting an i-DEPOT

You can submit an i-DEPOT online. You will need a My BOIP account to do so. It takes just a few minutes to create an account. Do you already have an account? If so, log in directly.

Private or public?

By default, BOIP keeps the i-DEPOT private. However, your client can opt at a later stage to have you publish the i-DEPOT in full or in part on i-D Space

When arranging your appendices, make a distinction between files that your client may want to make public at a later date and those that your client wants to keep private.

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i-DEPOT credit account

Do you file i-DEPOTs for your clients regularly? If so, you might want to consider opening a credit account via My BOIP.

There is a once-off fee of 209 euro to open a credit account. You can then purchase i-DEPOTs according to a graduated scale of fees. The more i-DEPOTs you submit, the lower the rate. More about current fees

A credit account can only be used for i-DEPOTs. You cannot pay for trademark or design registration by means of credits.


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