Here are some practical tools that you can use for trademarks, designs and the i-DEPOT. These handy tools may be of assistance to you in your day-to-day IP business. Most of these tools are facilitated by the European Trade Mark and Design Network. BOIP and WIPO also provide some useful IP tools.

logo european tmdnMore about the European Trade Mark and Design Network

Enforcement Database

logo enforcement database

The Enforcement Database is a system based on cooperation between the holders of IP rights, customs officials and the police. This tool was set up by EUIPO and creates a direct line of communication to protect products against counterfeiting.

Holders of IP rights can upload information about their IP rights together with contact and product details. That makes it easier for authorities to identify counterfeits and take action.

You will need a valid trademark or design registration in the European Union (EU) to apply for an EDB account.

Go to Enforcement Database


logo acistACIST (Anti-Counterfeiting Intelligence Support Tool) is an EU database which gathers statistics on seizures, at borders and within the internal market, of goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights.


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