Complaints procedure

Our aim is to provide a professional, reliable and customer-friendly service on a daily basis. We are continuously working to improve our commitment in this regard. Are you dissatisfied nevertheless with our services and information provision? Do let us know if this is the case, because we want to continue delivering the best quality. 

What can a complaint be about?

A complaint can be in connection with any aspect of our services – for example, if you find that the information on our website is unclear or if you find that we are not accessible enough. Please submit your complaint using the contact form or by post to:

The Complaints Committee
Benelux Office for Intellectual Property
P.O. Box 90404
NL-2509 LK The Hague

Please set out your complaint as clearly as possible. Make sure to include your contact details, so that we may respond to your complaint

What can a complaint not be about?

Your complaint cannot relate to the substance of a decision. We take many legal decisions on a daily basis – for example, in relation to the registration of trademarks, in regard to oppositions or about entering modifications in the register. This is in compliance with our statutory duties and powers. If you disagree with a decision of this kind, you have the right to lodge an official objection, for instance by submitting your arguments within the applicable legal framework. In some instances, you may appeal a matter in court. 

What happens with my complaint?

You complaint will be dealt with by our Complaints Committee. Depending on the matter in hand, one of our legal experts will decide which member(s) of the committee is/are best equipped to deal with the complaint. You will receive a reply in writing (or by telephone) within two weeks.

About the Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee comprises all managers and our Legal Affairs department. The Committee responds to individual complaints and strives, where possible, to find a solution. It also makes recommendations to improve our services. The Complaints Committee issues a report at least once a year. This report is one of our quality control instruments.

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