Changes to fees from 1 January 2019

Our fees will be indexed on 1 January 2019 (+1.5%). We will also introduce a number of modifications to the fee structure for trademarks and designs.

What will change?


From January 2019 the basic fee for trademark applications and renewals will no longer cover three classes of goods or services. A basic fee will cover one class and a fee per for each extra class of goods or services will be added.

The same fee structure is also in use by EUIPO and many of the EU Member States. The aim is to encourage registration of trademarks for the goods and services for which they will actually be used, and to prevent the descriptions to be too broad. A good description of the goods or services can prevent unnecessary conflicts with other trademark holders.

This means that where renewals of trademark registrations are concerned, it will be possible from 1 January onwards to renew a registration for only some of the indicated classes.

A positive side effect of this modification is that, despite the indexation of our fees, we have been able to slightly reduce the entry fee for trademark protection.


In the case of applications for designs there will no longer be a supplement per added image. The fee structure for designs will be simplified by doing away with the outdated splitting of costs for applications for designs.

Recording of modifications to the register

The harmonisation operation between trademarks and designs initiated last year will be completed in 2019. From January onwards the same fee level and structure as applies to trademarks will be applied to modificiatons of design registrations.

Rate changes for 2019, an overview

  • Indexation by 1.5%
  • Trademark applications and renewals: a one-fee per class system
  • Designs: scrapping the supplement per added image
  • Modifications: the same structure and level for trademarks and designs

You can find a full list of fees for 2019 here.

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