Registering a trademark relating to the corona virus

In recent weeks, BOIP has received a number of trademark applications in which the trademark refers to the corona virus. We are obliged to refuse most of these applications.

Descriptive trademarks

When there are major news events, we often receive applications that refer to them. These trademarks are often descriptive in nature. A trademark is descriptive when it describes the characterizing features of a product or service or when the trademark promotes the product or service. BOIP is obliged to refuse applications for descriptive trademarks. This means that the trademark will not be entered in the Trademark Register and the costs of your application will not be reimbursed.

When a given event, such as the corona virus outbreak, makes headlines, the name used to refer to it quickly becomes descriptive. That can mean that a trademark application containing that designation will be refused by us. Furthermore, such applications can be found to be contrary to public order and/or morality.

Are you planning to apply for a trademark that refers to the corona virus? If so, be aware that there is a considerable risk that your application will be refused. More about refusal

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