Situation in Ukraine

Although the official mission of the Benelux Organisation for Intellectual Property, as stipulated in the BCIP, is limited to tasks related to intellectual property, we cannot remain insensitive to the current geopolitical situation. BOIP wishes to express its full solidarity and sympathy with the Ukrainian people and its deep commitment to the rule of law.

The situation is not without consequences for the proper execution of the BOIP's mission and for the proper functioning of the intellectual property system. In this respect, the BOIP wishes to clarify two points. 

Firstly, as the current armed conflict in Ukraine constitutes a situation of force majeure for users domiciled or residing in Ukraine, we have decided that we will be as flexible as possible in setting and applying official deadlines for requests and procedures before the BOIP involving such parties. 

Secondly, we expect users to provide their address details for our registers in such a way that they reflect the internationally recognised borders of Ukraine.

The BOIP is monitoring the situation closely and will keep you informed of any new developments. 

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