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There are various options for protection outside the Benelux, each with their own particular pros and cons.

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Entrepreneurs around the world can use i-DEPOTs to record their ideas.

Certificate validity

An i-DEPOT certificate is a PDF certificate that is officially recognised under the Benelux Convention on Intellectual Property (BCIP) and which complies with the European Directive on Electronic Signatures. As such, the i-DEPOT certificate is accepted as evidence by courts across Europe and can also be used in countries outside Europe. Courts in countries outside Europe are free to decide whether to accept an i-DEPOT as evidence. Given that BOIP is the official authority in the Benelux for registration of trademarks and designs and for submission and recording of ideas, it is likely that courts outside Europe will also accept an i-DEPOT certificate as evidence.

Submission of evidence

If a dispute arises between two people or companies, they will try to obtain a ruling in their favour in legal proceedings, using methods such as the submission of evidence. You are initially allowed to present all the evidence you have in legal proceedings, but the court will decide how important a given piece of evidence is.


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